Parenting is big challenge and we both are trying to do our best as all parents do. From day ONE when I heard Girija’s first cry…to till date…it had been a great fun to be a father. A restless soul like me-whe is always doing something and never sits still. We both remember those days when she started turning in bed, crawling, and then her first step…and now she runs…like a deer. She talk like NANNY and we are just trying to handle the live-show we have in our lives.googi

She helps me in understanding my own parents because only after becoming a parent I could understand how other dimension of life is.
Now- she is having fun and more and more I saw her face…she looks more pretty to me. I am awe struck of her poise…the way she handles herself….I do not know these things …even NOW !

September  2009:

We have come so far and looking back is somewhat strange. I heard that girls grew up fast but never had seen this..well, googie had taught me this. She is very understanding, very stubborn like her parents and truly a papa’s girl.¬† Girija loves to act, her favourite act is THUMKA and I am sure I will be posting some clip here very very soon.

17 May 2016:
She has evolved in a tall girl, sensitive, highly emotional and restless soul. She has started sports but seems she has to work a lot on her fitness and stamina. I was pleasantly shocked, yesterday she was fumbling with table of 3, 4 while dividing 3 digits and today- we both witnesses her doing 5 digit divide with 7 and 8
So far so good- its so much of fun being with her.  Looking forward to her Sat and Sun sports meet in Surrey.